Maharshi Sambamurthy Residential School for Physcally Challenged Girls

Our school established in 1993, approximately 260 students are studied up to X class.  All are physically challenged and hearing impaired girls.  In this year 49 students are studying in our school.

Friends Indeed Physiotherapy Center (FIPTC)

We are giving physiotherapy assistance to physically challenged girl students in our school by qualified lady physiotherapist. We are giving services to public with nominal charges.  

Friends Indeed Vocational Training Center (FIVTC)

In this project we are offering computer training courses. Approximately 150 students are trained in the courses.  Medical Transcription training also given to our old students who are Physically challenged.  Now 3 of our old students settled in that profession. Now we are giving training in tailoring courses to 6 deaf and mute students.  

Project to support Education of Girl Child (NANHIKALI)

The main objective of the Nanhi-kali scheme is to encourage girl students from poor families to continue their studies at least up to X class despite the bad financial position of their families which would tend to discourage continuation of their education. The scheme sponsored by K.C. Mahindra Education Trust, Mumbai. 66students are benefited under the scheme.

Project for support to Physically Cahllenged Persons – with co-operation of SLF, The Netherlands

Under this project we are giving financial support to educational and medical assistance to disables persons up to 25 years.

Human Kinetic Technology (HKT) Work Shop

This work shop started in 2003. 5 Trained Dutch Human Kinetic Technologists from The Hague University came to our institute and designed Try cycles and Saridana carts which are useful to Loco motor disabled persons.  Now we are continuing that work shop with local trained persons.