About MSI

The need for a forum which can initiate, effectively organise and sustain meaningful discussions with an academic touch and yet without missing a practical sense, on matters of public importance is long felt at Kakinada – a town which is already an educational and cultural centre and is just now taking its rightful place on the industrial map of our country.

Responding to a proposal made by a then middle-aged, socially conscious shipping executive Sri T.Srinivasa Rao of Kakinada, a small group of professionals, college teachers and social workers took the lead in this respect and founded this Institute and got it registered under the Societies Registration Act, in October 1989. (Sri Srinivasa Rao is the Founder Secretary and continued in that position till 2006. He served the Organisation as its President till 2012.)

With the aim of commemorating the absolute selflessness, genuine social commitment and the great patriotic spirit of the Late Maharshi Bulusu Sambamurthy – a noble son of this soil – the Institute is named after him.

Apart from organising periodical meetings, lecture sessions and seminars in a politically non-partisan manner, inviting experts and eminent persons in different fields, with the sole objective of creating a healthy and informed public opinion on subjects of social relevance and particularly, on those subjects which have a bearing on the orderly development and well-being of our Society the Institute will also strive to popularise and to help creation of a better public understanding and appreciation of the three Constitutional Concepts of Parliamentary Democracy, Secularism and Socialism.

Such activity in the academic and intellectual spheres is also sought to be constantly enriched by organising a relentless service activity – under the auspices of the Institute – in areas like adult education, non-formal education, vocational education, welfare of the handicapped and the aged destitutes and above all a multidimensional activity of service to the weaker sections in urban and rural areas of East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh.

Enlightened citizens in the district and in the state are requested to help the Institute in achieving its objectives and thus in playing its own small and humble role in the great task of building a Resurgent and Modern India.

Our institute got Best Institute Award in Hearing Handicapped Category in State level in the year 2017.

On Going Projects:

  1. Maharshi Sambamurthy Residential School for Physcally Challenged Girls
  2. Friends Indeed Physiotherapy Center (FIPTC)
  3. Friends Indeed Vocational Training Center (FIVTC)
  4. Human Kinetic Technology (HKT) Work Shop
  5. Development Studies and Advocacy

Completed or wound-up Projects:

  1. Recharlapeta Total Functional Literacy Project (RTFLP).
  2. Uppada Kothapalli Mandal Non-Formal Education Project (UKM-NFEP).
  3. Child Labour Rehablitation Project under NCLP.
  4. Micro Credit Project through WMACs.
  5. Vimal Naari Surksha Vikas (VNSV).
  6. Adarana – Home for the Aged Destitutes.
  7. Parivarthana – Street Children Rehablitation Project.
  8. Project to support Education of Girl Child (NANHIKALI)

Project for support to Physically Cahllenged Persons – with co-operation of SLF, The Netherlands